Thursday, December 30

she's got talent

I have this aunt that I grew up calling crazy aunt carole
she was the aunt that took me to TGI Friday's every Friday for nacho's and shirley temples
(with extra cherries on the side)
Well she's got talent
She can take anything and make it look amazing
Her basement is filled with a mix of collectibles and junk but it looks and feels like you're stepping into a museum.
For the last few years she's been decorating a tree for the festival of tree.
Here are some pictures of this years, 'that 70's tree'

this is an entire spread
close up of her groovy sign and record border
these are wheels of tires, the flowers are made of melted bottles shaped into flowers
looks like it could be from anthropologie

Carole is my mom's sister but if they were standing next to each other you'd never guess it
but my mom is just as talented and creative
this year her quilting group submitting a quilt to the festival

Isn't it gorgeous!
I wish I would have taken a close up but the colors are wonderful.
And keeping up with tradition my sisters and mom did a tree too.
It's a girly tree
Just about everything is hand made and everything can be worn
the garland is individual necklaces, a very simple/fun craft
the 'ornaments' are hair clips, bracelets or broaches

I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such unique and talented women.
They are inspirational and great examples

Sunday, December 26

Christmas part 1 of many(hopefully)

If you haven't noticed I have been putting a lot more effort into keeping my blog more current
however throughout december I neglected to blog about what we were doing
I blogged more about random thoughts and experiences
Today I uploaded a lot of pictures onto the computer
These next few posts will be my attempt to capture the best moments of this December
I will start with my favorite part of entire season.
It's not because Santa finally came
But we finally get to spend time with just one another and enjoy being home
This was our third year being married on Christmas.
Each year gets more complicated and busy
Friend parties, family parties, work parties, lights, festival of trees, school etc etc
Well let's just say this December didn't let us down one bit!
We've been running all over town and have enjoyed every moment spent with those we love
But by Christmas morning we were so happy to sleep in and be with just each other
Sam always makes me feel so special
I love him so much

Some Christmas morning traditions we've started are breakfast;
either egg sausage casserole(even though I work in cardiology :)) or egg pancakes
we also always play the wii together, Christmas break is when our wii gets some good use
of course we open presents
and talk about Christmas like things, thoughts impressions and feelings from the events of the week.
I will always cherish these years that we have spent Christmas morning alone in our little home

Tuesday, December 21

so amazing

yesterday I went to the gym
turned my ipod on
of course it was dead
I was disappointed I just wanted to zone out for at least 30 minutes
a little "me" time, you know?
Well I decided to exercise anyways
it wasn't that big of a deal
But I'm so glad that I did
I started thinking about our bodies and how amazing our bodies are
Think of everything your body does, without you ever thinking about it.
breath in
breath out
heart beating
healing of a scar
telling us we are hungry/full
nails/hair growing
etc etc
Our bodies are amazing.
I hope you are doing everything in your power to take care of it
Another thought about our bodies is everything it tolerates and how it adapts
A month ago I started being able to run again
I was running so slow... couldn't even say it was run probably
I limit myself to two runs a week so I don't overtrain and re-injure myself
But in a month my body has adapted to running so quickly
I went from barely being able to run 5mph for 10 minutes
Now I can run 5.5-6.5 mph for 30 minutes.
I just think it's such an amazing thing that we are so blessed to have
Working at the hospital I realize what a rare thing it is to have a healthy body
there are so many things that could go wrong
I feel so blessed to be so healthy and things working the way they were designed to.

Friday, December 17

something that upsets me

No matter how great of a mood I am this will always get under my skin
picture this
You're walking home and approach a crosswalk.
You do what's right and wait for the little walk guy to flip up and the bird to chirp before you cross
As you cross the left hand turners start to turn and they should stop and wait for you to finish crossing.
But do they??
Not usually.
Instead they start to turn and inch closer and closer to you until they are maybe 20 feet from you
I just don't get why they can't wait under the light for you to finish crossing.

Yesterday I saw a right hand turner get mad/irritated at a pedestrian for crossing when he was supposed to and that he had to wait.

I tell you taking public transit to work and walking 2-3 blocks from the station each day has really opened my eyes to pedistrians . . . obviously
**This probably sounds rediculous to you but we all have our corks.

Wednesday, December 15

one day, some day...

One day, Some day I will

Have a cooking blog, I love other peoples cooking blogs, love to cook bake experiment and want to center my blog around quick, healthy, easy budget friendly meals for everyone to enjoy

Have a card making business. Not digital cards but good old fashion each one constructed by hand cards. Recently I went to boutique I bought a couple cards, I can't wait to send them in the mail, everyone loves getting a nice card in the mail. Even if I don't sell my cards I want a stash of hand constructed cards at all time.

Attend book group. My neighbor has a book group. Every month I have the goal to attend and every month something comes up. I still love reading the books and love the idea of going. One day I will attend book group regularly.

Learn to repurpose things. Have you seen those blogs where people take old shirts, skirts, sweaters and create them into something wonderful without a pattern. I have attempted and have yet to had a success story.

Host a hot chocolate bar party. Doesn't that sound wonderful?! I saw it on one of the morning shows this week. You have three starter hot chocolates; white chocolate, milk chocolate and steamed milk. Then every station has the toppings for fancy hot chocolate. Peppermint hot chocolate sounded the best, topped with peppermint whip cream. yum!

I'll take amazing pictures. I know so many talented people who have the talent to capture a moment. Right now I blame it on not having a fancy nice camera, but one day I will take fabulous photos!

I'll join a choir. I love to sing, most of you probably didn't know that and I'm not very good. But why not join a choir and get a little better and do what I love.

I'll run a marathon. It's been a goal for awhile and I'm barely starting to run again after my 8th month break due to a knee injury. Yesterday I ran 3 miles and it felt so good to be running again.

I love the world of the internet because there are so many inspiring people around. Thanks for sharing your talents with me and inspiring me to continue exploring mine. I can't wait for the chance to check each one of these things off one by one. If any of them are of interest to you let's do it together!

Monday, December 13

no control

first of all, thanks for all of you that commented on my last post. I signed on today expecting no comments-maybe one. It made me feel so great to know somebody stops by and reads sometime, so thank you. Thanks for the compliments on the photo, we recently got our pictures taken, i'm trying to figure out how to center that photo, if any of you know let me know, thanks!

NOW the reason for this post
I have no self control what so ever when it comes to sweets!
This is something that has gotten worse throughout my marriage
My sweet teeth controls me.
Yesterday we made a delicious dessert, cream cheese meltaways with a lemon glaze

It was for a baptism afterparty
I ate three before and vowed to not have anymore dessert
Well a cookie, brownie and meltaway later I was finally done
Also I had leftover peppermint candy cane kisses from a YW activity
If you haven't tried these, they are worth any penny and so delicious.

I can't help myself everytime I see them in the kitchen.
So this morning I woke with an extra desire to take control and take a break from sweets
I thought, no sweets until the weekend, I can do that!
It didn't help that one of my patients brought a box of chocolates
Then the next one a plate of brownies and cookies...

don't mind if I do.

Sunday, December 12


I think I've been counting down the days until the end of finals longer than Sam.
5days 120 hours
3 tests to go
I can't wait for Sam to be done with studying and the stress of school
Last week we were at a Christmas party.
Peter Brienholt was the entertainment, it was so nice to listen to the Christmas music
But we had to leave early so Sam could go study.
See school just ruins everything.... except for the fact that it leads you to a career eventually.:)
Later that night Sam was on call and got called in for his first graveyard.
I have a lot of respect for those of you that spend multiple nights a week away from your husband
He left from the library to work around 11:30PM and didn't come home until 2:30PM
I'm such a paranoid person I worried about him the entire time that I barely slept too
How do Dr.'s and nurses do it, it's pretty amazing??
Anyways, back on subject I just can't wait for it to be done.
This weekend we took a nice break from school and watched Christmas movies under our tree
We were going to go to the lights at temple square but ran out of time due to other more important things
They'll be around for awhile though.

however the interesting thing is, is even though I'm watching Sam go through all the stress of school I am secretly kinda missing being a student and that feeling of accomplishment after finals. This week marks my one year graduation mark and I am enjoying reading and challenging my mind again, even kinda missing the pressure of school...

Tuesday, December 7

This quote has stuck with me this week and I'd thought I would share...

This Christmas, mend a quarrel. Seek out a forgotten friend.
Dismiss suspicion and replace it with trust. Write a letter. Give a soft answer. Encourage youth. Manifest your loyalty in word and deed. Keep a promise. Forgo a grudge. Forgive an enemy. Apologize. Try to understand. Examine your demands on others. Think first of someone else.
Be kind. Be gentle. Laugh a little more. Express your gratitude. Welcome a stranger.
Gladden the heart of a child. Take pleasure in the beauty and wonder of the earth.
Speak your love and then speak it again.
Christmas is a celebration, and there is no celebration that compares with the realization of its true meaning—with the sudden stirring of the heart that has extended itself unselfishly in the things that matter most.
Hope your enjoying the start of this wonderful Christmas season