Tuesday, November 22

do you remember?

do you remember last year on this day 
the storm of the century
we all got to leave work early, 
I went home and prepared for the worse 

and then it never came... 

kinda wish we had that threat today, i'd love to go home. 

Thursday, November 17


do you cry every time you read a birth story
or at least get teary eyed

i'm totally guilty of blog surfing during quiet moments at work
whenever i stumble across a birth story i have to read it
and no matter what it says i shed a couple tears.

yesterday i read one featured on the daybook from the rockstar diaries
it's the second down if you read it today


on happy note my sister in law is in labor as we speak!!
so excited for her.

Wednesday, November 16

hair woes

yesterday my kind sister informed me that out of the four girls in the family i have the worse hair
'jeepers thanks'
but it's true i was blessed with fine thin hair with nothing fabulous about it

don't worry she didn't just flat out say that 
I was asking her what she thought i should do with my hair 
I have a hair appointment on Friday(seriously can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!) 
and i'm kinda fed up with the do 
I want to try something new

Source: google.com via Anna on Pinterest

whenever I ask for feedback on here I never get any 
(yes I wrote that to pressure you into saying something)

what hairstyle should I try 

things you should know I don't like to go too short 
I love wearing my hair natural wavy/curly and when it's too short I feel so limited 
also I'm really having a hard time deciding about the bang issue

seems like the new trend is the part in the middle and no bang, 
I think it's really cute but I've had a bang for so long 

Source: google.com via Katie on Pinterest

obviously I'm torn here! 

pictures are possible ideas but definitely not limited to 

Tuesday, November 15


Just a couple days ago we were having a conversation with the family about having something stolen 
I've had a couple things of mine stolen in my life, my first experience was my camera
I'd just returned from my study abroad and two days later my camera was stolen
I hadn't uploaded my pictures yet, which was the worse part someone not only had my camera but 
200+ memories that could never be replaced. 

A couple of years ago Sam's bike was stolen off campus 
he'd been studying for a organic chemistry final for a few hours and packed up at about 1130 PM
he went to hop on his bike and it was gone
cable cut and nothing left 

One time I drove my parents fancy car to teach a class at the U and thought I'd locked it 
it's so fancy schmancy I didn't realize I hadn't locked it 
someone walking by must have noticed and stole an iPod and my tithing money 
which both had been stashed away in the center console
the worse part of that was feeling completely violated
someone that I didn't know was rummaging through the car when I wasn't around 

Well unfortunately we have a new stolen item to add to the list 
sunday morning we left our house early for a church meeting at 7AM 
Sam 'couldn't find our car' because our bike rack was stolen
someone in the middle of the night decided to maneuver our rack off the top of our car 
I should add that the rack is locked onto the car and it had to have taken some skill to get it off
we are extremely grateful no real damage was done to the car 
but again I have that violation feeling 
someone was touching my stuff 

needless to say we can't wait to have a locked garage in a couple weeks 

Seriously though... 
I almost feel more sad for the person stealing things than for the victim
how sad that someone is so desperate that they take other peoples things
they have no self worth, or self integrity. 
I've always been taught when faced with a temptation ask myself
'is it worth my integrity' 
the answer is always no. 

Monday, November 14


meet james
he's my 8 year old nephew.  
i was so lucky to 'nanny' james and zachary for about 4 straight years 
sometimes i feel like i have a special bond to them 
we love having them and their sister hazel over for sleep overs 
this last april when james was baptized i was shocked to have james ask me to speak 

last week james had to think of a hero to talk about in scouts 
we assumed he would pick someone like obama, because he's just that kinda kid
well turns out that he picked sam to be his hero

I couldn't have thought of  a better person
sam was super flattered to hear that james picked him as his hero 
james said sam was his hero because 
'he always makes everyone in the family happy' 
whenever james is around you'll find him glued to sam's side 
they have a special bond and friendship that is so fun to see. 

Thursday, November 10

movie anyone

have you heard of TRAVELZOO?
Sam and I have gone on a few weekend getaways thanks to travel zoo
they have some great deals
every Wednesday I get the top 20 email
this week had a deal too good to pass up.

here's the link

It's a two for one movie pass from fandango.  Pay $12 now and get two tickets of your choice
you just gotta go the movie before January 12, 2012

What a perfect low key date for a cold winter night.

Wednesday, November 9


I was looking so forward to our extra hour of sleep this weekend
but now I'm having a hard time adjusting to the new hours
by the time I get off work the sun is close to setting.
I think I have a small case of the winter blues.
After we eat dinner my body just wants to go to sleep because it's so dark and cold!
Hopefully my body will adjust quickly so I can get back to a more productive lifestyle.

How do you cope with the lack of daylight.

After talking to my mom about this last night she told me her favorite part of the day is between 5 and 6
she said it's the most beautiful part and feels so peaceful
i'm going to try to enjoy it today.

Monday, November 7


we did something scary on halloween 
however it wasn't the typical spooky halloweeny scare

we closed on our first house!!!
we felt like we kinda signed our life away after autographing about 40 pages 
but after spending some time at the new house over the weekend we are thrilled 
we are so excited to have a place of our own
our living space has at least doubled 
we couldn't be happier about living in sugarhouse close to so many things 
driving to work has been cut in half because of awesome freeway access 

we are planning on moving sometime in december 
we're having some work done on the house especially in the basement 
we are going to be renting it out so if you know anyone getting married over the holidays 
if they need a place to live ours will be brand spanking new and in a great location
let us know!

it's funny to think how much life changes 
in january sam and i made all of our goals together 
none of them included a house, the opposite to have 'x' amount saved 
needless to say i think we would have met our goal if something better hadn't come along 

we'll definitely have a house warming party most likely the first of the year 
so keep posted!

Thursday, November 3

looking forward

we are back to Friday's off at my office
i'm looking forward this extra day a week
words can't even begin to explain!
this weekend i'm looking forward to

making some of these and trying them out

picking out a color pallet and finding some paint chips

hanging out in something cozy like this

crafting with my sisters, for the Festival of Tree tree

plus I just got asked on out a date! can't wait for that especially.

anything that you are looking forward to?

Tuesday, November 1

even though...

even though everyone is cursing the colder weather told
especially the snow
I kinda enjoyed it

of course i am sad to say good bye to warmer days and warm day activities
but something about the snow is magical
it's mesmerizing
just like watching a fire crackle
i could watch it fall all day long

every season has it's time
i feel super lucky that fall lasted until november
and i know that winter will end eventually too
bringing back our warmer weather
until then i'll try to embrace the beauty around me

disclaimer: I probably won't have this attitude come March!