Thursday, March 5

For the Love of Poop!

Since I spend much of my day with kids I often have a few funny stories to share with Sam at dinner. Lately they have had a common theme: poop.

A couple weeks ago Sam and I were watching the Sjoblom girls while Amy and Andrew went on a date. They asked us to make sure Emilie and Ella bathed, because the next day was Sunday. Sam offered to bathe Emilie. Once the tub was filled Emilie got in and from the other room I heard her say, "what's this Sam?" as she holds up a brown ball, resembling a very smooth rock

Sam said, "what is that?"

Emilie, "oh it's poop."

Sam, "it's poop!, okay set that here"

Seconds later Sam comes into the room where I am at (laughing, and so happy he had chosen Emilie) and asks me what to do. We emptied the water and refilled it, and disposed of the poop.

This past Monday I was watching Charlotte. Charlotte has a really hard time actually sleeping during her nap, but she still has to stay in bed for quiet time. The more behaved she is during this time determines how long she has to stay in her room. I could hear her playing and went in to remind her she's supposed to be in bed. As I open the door the room smelled horribly. Guilty Charlotte turns around and shows me her hands, "poop manda!" she was so excited. Charlotte had decided to open up a poopy diaper(left in her room by her mother) and color on the furniture with her poop. Let's just say Charlotte didn't get to come out of her quiet time early due to good behavior.

Emilie is potty training. And lately when I get to her house around 9 she is naked. Like most kids I think it's easier to understand the sensations. Having naked potty training kids makes me little uneasy but I decided to keep her naked to encourage potty time. She was in the next room over playing her leapster and runs towards me, "there's poop coming out of the bum!"

me, "okay let's go to the toilet"

she turns around to run towards the toilet and there was a big piece of poop stuck inbetween her bum checks. Lucky for me we made it to the toilet just in time for her to really push some poo out.

If anyone knows of any job openings let me know.