Wednesday, September 26

a little extreme

Many of you know that I have dipped my feet into the couponing world 
I feel like if I am going to buy something anyways I should try to buy it when it's on sale
and yes that means a lot of the time I don't need it right then but I will use it 

for instance... 
this week there is a deal on tide detergent, which is my favorite 
but boy it's expensive and doesn't go on sale often
so when it does I like to stock up

we stopped our paper awhile ago because once the baby came my couponing went on the back burner
so I don't have the extra coupon to get the extra $$ off but I read on pinterest that you can buy them on ebay

so I found the coupon I need on ebay but here's the catch I would buy a stack of 20 
which means I would be buying 60 tide detergents!! yes 60!

that's a little extreme for us right now but I'm just throwing it out there, 


the deal ends this Wednesday, one week from today

Friday, September 21

tough boys

we sat right behind the Utah players bench at the opening game 
it was so entertaining watching the players, game
this player was especially entertaining his tat says
'cherish family'
hah funny.  

Wednesday, September 12

thank you bumbo

we first put MC in his bumbo about a month ago
he loved it 
he seems to love sitting and watching what's going on as compared to being carried
after he eats he typically has some floor time
he's pretty good at entertaining himself watching me or eating his fists
as long as I keep talking to him he is content for 20 minutes ish
after that we do a little tummy time and I sit and play with him 
then he is starting to get tired so I put him in his bumbo and he'll sit next to me wherever I am 
he will sit about another 20-30 minutes before getting bored 
it's great, I just set him on the counter and chop everything for dinner
or on the floor while I get ready 
it's so much easier to do these things with him sitting next to me instead of wearing him 
I love his curled little toes

yesterday I looked over and he had fallen asleep about 30 seconds after I gave him his binky...
I wish it was that easy all the time.

*** don't worry I am aware of the recent recall on bumbos and I don't leave him sitting alone.  I always stay within arms reach just in case his head topples over.  

Wednesday, September 5


my brother (inlaw) but I like him so much he is just my brother is so talented and thoughtful
he started a non-profit organization for a close friend(his wife helped a lot too)
I was so touched by the stories shared on their website

here's the youtube video

to read more stories and to help support babies in need visit 
keep your kleenex box close by because you will need it 
your heart will be softened and you will fall in love with each family 
you will be amazed by their strength, dedication and continually ability to deal 
with what I think would be one of the most challenging of trails

gone to work

Mack is 3 months today!
time has just flown by
how is it that the last month of pregnancy lasted a year and three months lasted a day?

today is my first day back at work.
i'm just working two days a week and feel super lucky that my job is so flexible
I found an awesome babysitter for Mack.... his dad!
even though I would much rather be home with my boys it was so easy leaving him with Sam
plus I feel like this is an experience that Sam will never get with another child
it's unique and I think so special

it was really weird walking into work today
nothing has changed, it smells exactly the same, everyone looks the same
it seems like yesterday I was here
I can't believe how fast all my responsibilities came back and how second nature they seem
and I love that I don't have to come back tomorrow!