Tuesday, November 11


Last Monday I agreed to help a mom out who desperately needed a sitter to watch her kids Wednesday to Saturday. She has good kids and it's easy money, so I agreed to help her on such notice. That Wednesday we were just settling down after feeding everyone dinner when the neighbor knocked on the door, telling us that our car had just got hit. Luckily the driver had pulled over and stopped. Turns out he was another neighbor driving with only a permit, looked down to turn on his lights and BAM hit us.

Today we took our car to get inspected, it will take 4,991 dollars to fix our car. We now have the option to either total our car and take the money, or have them fix it. Being new car owners we aren't sure what to do but, hope to figure it out soon.

Also today we noticed that we have driven 8 cars, for at least a week, since we got married three months ago. Cadillac, T-bird convertible, Honda, Acura, Mini, Porsche, Escalade, and now the Dodge Magnum.

If you have any input on what we should do, please help us!!