Monday, April 30

plan B

just incase Sam's future as  PA doesn't pan out I can always count on IHOP hiring me for my mad skills


we were feeling a little rebellious last week and went out for lunch.  Don't worry we didn't go far, just 5 minutes to training table.  Sam made me recline in the booth.  It felt so wonderful to leave the house after about 2 weeks.  

I can't wait until I can leave long enough to get my hair cut and colored!!

Wednesday, April 25

First of all it's 720 AM and I'm laying here in bed checking my email, sipping chocolate milk
my 90 year old neighbor is outside barefoot with her electric trimmer going to town
I know it won't last long because soon she'll have to get ready for work, yes she works full time
so awesome!

I've been on bedrest for over a week now.  I'm starting to get the hang of it a little bit.
I've learned to never turn down any visitor or offer
I've been completely blown away by the generosity and kindness of everyone around us
We have been completely spoiled which has made this experience so much easier
Of course it's crazy hard staying home all day every day not able to do any of the things you want to do
but everyday gets me a little closer to hopefully having a healthy strong baby and not having to send it to the NICU
which is the most important thing

One of the most positive things about bedrest is it's given me the opportunity to strengthen relationships
I get to talk to people for however long the conversation goes, I talk to at least 2/4 sisters everyday, we spent the afternoon with the Richards and well into the night Saturday never worrying about having to get something done or what we were 'sacrificing' to be there.  Things have completely simplified and relaxed.  Of course you couldn't live your life this way forever.  You would never go to the grocery store or clean the house but I definitely have been missing a balance for quite some time.

Wednesday, April 18

Our silly confused baby

Its been awhile.
I've been pretty distracted with tax season and trying to stay afloat.
Everything else had to go.
Tax season is over
I wish I could have been there to celebrate with my co workers.

Sunday night I started feeling funny.
Never deny mother intuition because it's real.
Monday I started timing some contractions and decided by noon I needed to call the doctor
Of course they wanted me to come in, better safe than sorry.
Once they monitored some contractions and saw they were about ten minutes apart I had a cervix check. Dilated to a 1. Not too big of a deal as long as it doesn't change right.
So up to the hospital I went. Luckily Sam was working so he just came up from the OR to meet me.

I sat on the monitor for a few more hours. As long as my cervix didn't change I could go home.
Well it did change. Dilated to a 3cm. Dang this would be awesome just a month later if I wasn't 33 weeks.

So at the hospital I stayed. Everything moved rapidly at that point, main goal stop contractions and keep baby in for at least 48 more hours. Long enough for them to get two doses of. Steroid for their lungs. I got started on magnesium sulfate right away to relax the uterus. It is the worse drug. It immediately takes over your body with heat, inside and out. You feel like you can't breath and hot and nauseated. It was a terrible 20 minutes.

Well long story short, I stayed on magnesium for about 30 hours and contractions separated and became irregular. I got to switch rooms today for recovery and hopefully go home Friday for bed rest until baby comes.

It's been a roller coaster ride filled with emotion and fears. Our family and faith have carried us along and we are so grateful for medicine and technology to help us through this time.

Monday, April 2


sam got april fooled, gotta be careful if you fall asleep during conference