Tuesday, February 17

One Year Older and Wiser too!

Having a February birthday was great whenever I had a "significant other".  I was guaranteed at least two presents without really having to give in return.  In the ninth grade I was liked by Joey Rice.  He went to great efforts to make me feel special, by decorating my locker with hearts on the outside, inside there was candy, streamers, and two teddy bears kissing(we never kiss).  In eleventh grade Jimmy took me to dinner and showered me with tennis gear and for Valentines day we went ice skating and on a carriage ride. . . . hopefully you are beginning to see the benefits of dating someone during February.  Well this year it was different.  I felt bad for poor Sam having to deal with so many important and special occasions.  But we have had such a great few weeks.  My birthday was a day full of my favorite things and people!.  We spent lunch with my sisters, mom, and grandma at Citrus Grill(if you have never been there GO!).  Afterwards we spent the afternoon getting my nails done and shopping.  We went and saw "he's just not that into you", which I was very excited for, funny show for the record.  And for dinner we ate at Red Butte Cafe because I love their pasta salad and french onion soup.  Saturday we spent with the Richard's and had a delicious dinner and chocolate cheesecake if you ever want the recipe.  And Sunday we spent the evening at the Peterson's.  Monday morning I had a hard time getting out of bed because of my "birthday hang-over" or maybe because I'm 22 and starting to slow down.  

The Richards surprised me with my very own lifejacket!!.  Can't wait to use it in as soon as the lake's melt.  

Isabel was rather full after a delicious lunch at the Citrus Grill

Sam got me the boots that I have been coveting for months! this isn't the best picture of them but it's the best one that I have.