Friday, October 16

Fall Break in MOAB

I have officially purchased a bumper sticker, PARIS, TOYKO, LONDON AND MOAB. Now I have visited each of these places! We left for Moab last Saturday and returned on Tuesday night. I had never been to Moab and had a great time hiking and biking. We camped with some friends at a great camp site. I never thought I could enjoy camping but, this site had toilets, showers, hot tubs, and a pool. Some of my family probably wouldn't consider this camping.
We hiked to Delicate Arch, Devils Garden(including landscape arch, and Double O arches), and through Fiery Furnace. We also spent a morning on our bikes... which I have bruises and scrapes to prove. The ride was intense and there were parts that I hated it, but once I finished I felt like I had accomplished something. It was a great feeling and got me excited for next year.
Sometimes time away is just what the doctor ordered. This was our first time going somewhere that wasn't planned by our family and we want to do it more often. If you have any suggestions of where to go next let us know! Here are some pictures.
That's me biking down a hill. .. Don't worry I got sweet air.

Sam and Clint in the Double Arch
The group in front of Delicate Arch
Sam and I on top on the highest arch of Double Arch.

A weekend in WOODLAND

The beginning of October brought General Conference. Sam's family has a tradition of spending the weekend at the cabin in Woodland. What a great weekend we enjoyed. We had a great time, watching conference, enjoying girl time while the boys were at Priesthood, making crafts, playing games and eating some great food. I also got to hear the Preston's vision about the cabin. For those of you that don't know, the Richards have been working on this cabin since 1997(according to Sam). It is absolutely gorgeous and we are so grateful to have such a great retreat so close by.

We were in charge of bringing games. Such a blast to play games with a group.
Anna and Dave came from Provo, it was great to hang out with them. This is Dave while playing Catch Phrase.
This is my favorite spot to sit at the cabin, right in front of the cackling fire.
Thanks for a great weekend getaway!

Thursday, October 15


I think about posting a lot, but I never seem to get around to it. Many of you know that I love to make lists, I made a list today, titled it: Things to do before Fall Break is over. My list including a wide variety of things including, applying for graduation, carving pumpkins, updating my 72 hour kits, and of course posting on my blog.
Time has just been flying by. September came and went in a blink of an eye. Sam and I spent probably about one week in our own bed during the entire month. We enjoyed other people's houses, cars and other luxuries. I hope that one day we get to go on our own adventures rather than just watching kids, pets, houses etc. while others we know and love enjoy the world!
School is back in full gear. Sam has been working really hard keeping up in his classes. The boy sure loves his anatomy class. It's been a great refresher for me listening to him talk about what they are learning.
I am loving both my internships and looking forward to my so close graduation. Everyday I spend at the Huntsman Cancer Institute I come home inspired and so grateful for the healthy and functioning body that I have been blessed with. I also started biometric screenings at the University of Utah. I was so scared for my first finger pricking experience that I practiced on Sam and Kim. I got all my troubles out on them and haven't had a problem.
When we weren't busy chasing children and running from house to house we were: celebrating birthday's, Grandpa Richards, Erik, my mom, Cory, and cousin Linsey. We were at or watching Utah football games!, and enjoying the warm weather that September brought us hiking, running, and waterskiing/wake boarding for the last time of the year.

Hiking up to Donut Falls
Nona's, Cory's and Erik's birthday cake.....
Happy Birthday Grandpa Richards.