Tuesday, August 31


forever ago I posted about my couponing. we went to a class with some friends and this lady told us how to be successful at couponing. I have been trying to do more of it and been using coupon books from families houses who just throw them away. in the 6 months or so i've been couponing i've saved about 350dollars, i've definitely gotten more for less but i'm far from getting 1000 dollars worth of stuff for 30 bucks. however yesterday I had a break through I got two yoplait greek yogurts for free. I was tempted to ring those two items up separately so I could just see that I didn't have to pay a thing!. this experience has convinced me to purchase my own sunday paper. right now there's a great day you can get a sunday paper for 20 bucks for the entire year, it ends up being about 40 cents a week. so if you are interested let me know and i'll give you the number, you have to purchase buy friday. if you end up getting one i'd love to tell you the secrets the coupon master lady told me.

Tuesday, August 24

back to school.

My best frient went back to school today! I've already said it enough we loved summer! I am not sure what I'm going to do while he's at class and up late studying. I need your ideas and suggestions? What things do you do when your husband, friend etc. is unavailable for 4 months? What are your current projects? Favorite books? Favorite activities . Please share your ideas, and come on over and hang out with me.

Sunday, August 22

could it really be over...?

Summer has come and gone in a blink of an eye at our house. This summer has been one of my favorite, competing against my study abroad in 2007. It was the first semester that Sam and I weren't students since we've been married. It's been a blast! It is a true luxury not having homework, projects and tests to worry about when you get home at night. Sunday night we would plan out our week, deciding what activities we'd do that week. Our favorites were running together, playing tennis, getting snow cones, biking and hiking. Since I didn't do a great job of blogging about things as they happened here's a photo recap of what we've been doing.

We kicked off summer after graduation and finals in May with a trip to Maui, couldn't have had a better start. We stayed in my parents condo for the first time and loved the beach, pools, company and food.
On the beach right in front of the condo's we stayed at for our honeymoon.
On a hike to a snorkeling beach

We spent the months of June and July at BBQ's, at the park, birthday parties, up the canyon, on the lake and at girls camp, scout camp and youth conference.
Grandma's surprise birthday party
Sam turned 25.
24th of July fireworks
Oakley Rodeo
Zachary's birthday
our anniversary breakfast, 2 years!!

We ended summer with a week at lake Hebgen. For those of you that aren't familiar with Hebgen it is a little piece of heaven on Earth. It's right outside West Yellowstone and is surrounded by forest. The lake is more often glass than rough water due to the low amount of boat traffic and protection it gets from the surrounding mountains. It's peaceful. Sam grew up going to Hebgen and staying Grandpa's cousins with 20-30 cousins stuffed into the loft. Hebgen is where memories are made and relationships are strengthened. We spent our days on the beach, in yellowstone, and of course on the lake. Thank you to the Richards for a wonderful week away.

going kayaking
dirty socks after volleyball on the beach
at firehole, in yellowstone
Sam enjoying the perfect water
Me on the wakeboard
The boys before the "Hebgen man Triathlon" Preston has a hurt shoulder so they all swam with one arm in their life jacket so he wouldn't have a disadvantage.

The girls at the "girls lunch out"
Saying good-bye until next year.

Friday, August 13

Need a break!

I don't know why but I've been dragging this week, I need a vacation. Ever feel that way? Like one more day of waking up and going to work will kill you? I'm just about there. Good thing this is around the corner.

lake hebgen.... otherwise known by the Richards as Heaven.

Tuesday, August 3


I love to cook, but cooking in the Summer can be frustrating. It's so hot outside I don't want to turn the oven on to make things even hotter. Not to mention if I am already hot why would I want to eat something hot??. Does anybody else ever feel this way. Plus the summer is crazy, we don't have a consistent schedule day to day, sometimes we have an hour to prepare and eat dinner, sometimes just 5 minutes. Luckily I have found a few great recipes that are quick/easy, fresh and tasty. **Bonus they filled up Sam and he liked them. I'm going to share them with you but will you pass along some of your favorite dishes?? Thanks.

I bought a rotisserie chicken and used it for the next two meals, I haven't ever bought one and loved have simple it made these two meals, plus a little cheaper! This next one is a cobb salad pizza, I loved the flavor of the dressing, I added extra greens to mine and Sam added extra chicken and bacon.

This last one is a curry chicken salad that we put on the whole wheat thin buns, I added lots of
greens and ate it with corn on the cob for a side. Sam didn't love this meal but he isn't a big curry lover. You could omit the curry or just use less.
This last recipe is a mango chicken wrap, it took about 15 minutes total but at least an hour for the chicken to marniate. It was sweet with the perfect amount of kick. mmhm I love mango's.

PS I love using the crock pot, nothing better than coming home and dinner's waiting.
I hope you guys enjoy this meals. Please share some of your favorites. Thanks!!
Happy Cooking