Tuesday, September 28


How can something that tastes to good leave your breath smelling so bad. I just had some pizza for lunch (I was glad I went to the gym before work when I found out they were bringing in pizza for lunch). The tomato sauce was delicious. I love anything with tomatoes. But now I am suffering from stinky breath- bad day to forget my gum. Oh tomato sauce why do you do this?
I feel the same way about garlic. Every Sunday that we eat at my parents and have roast my brother-in-law makes this delicious garlic oil spread for the roast. It's my favorite! I put it on everything, my roll, potatoes and roast. But three days later no matter how many times I brush my teeth or use mouthwash I can still taste the remains in my mouth and I know that everyone around me can smell them too.

And even though I know well before digging into these dishes that they will leave me with stinky breath I can't keep myself from digging in and enjoying. I know that I'm not the only person who this happens to. What food stays with you for days?

Thursday, September 23

one my mind

I'm sure I'm not the only one that has been following the story of the Herriman fire. I have to admit I've been wrapped up in it the whole week. There are so many emotions associated with this story. Part of me thinks, it's a miracle that more houses weren't destroyed and that everyone got out safely. Then the other part of me thinks about how horrible it would be to lose your house in a fire, everything completely gone! All those pictures, and special papers, decorations, furniture, clothing, etc etc... rebuilding would be nightmare.
We had family night on Monday with my entire family-except my parents since they're vacationing, and we talked about the things we would grab if we were evacuating. I realized that I could be much more prepared for disasters than I am. What would you grab? Or what things have you done to prepare yourself and your family for disasters?
During these events it always reminds me to count my blessings. My problems are so small and simple compared to others. This week hasn't been the easiest for me just like all of us I've had a lot on my plate and there were times I wanted to complain about it. But I really have no right to complain about it when I have so many other great things going for me.
It sounds cliche but couldn't we all count our blessings a little bit more?

Tuesday, September 14

life's luxuries

This morning I woke up at 530 to go to a weights class at the gym. I have a couple friends that keep me motivated to get up and go, which I'm so grateful for! Once I got home I really needed a shower, my hair needed washing, legs a shaving, and an all over scrub down. I turned on the shower and there wasn't any hot water! Last night a valve broke in the hot water heater and they didn't get it fixed. Not showering wasn't an option, so I got in for the quickest and coldest shower of my life. How did they do it back in the days?? Boy am I grateful for hot water.

Thursday, September 9


Case lot sales are on there way. I'd love to buy a few cases stuff like beans, canned fruit, maybe bleach but I don't need 24 cans of beans, where would I put it? I'd love 12 or 6. Is anyone interested in splitting a case. What do you want/need I'll look up the price and give you a call so we can share. Here are some of the things I would be interested in going in on.

Bleach: 6 for 6$
Canned Tomatos: 24 cans for 12$
Cannded beans(black): 24 cans for 12$
20 Lbs of rice!: 9$
Green Chilies: 24 cans for 12$
Oatmeal: 12 for 20$
Natural Apple Juice: 8 for 10$
Chicken/beef/vegetable broth: 24 for 11$
Cream of chicken/mushroom: 24 for 14$

I know it's alot of money up front but it could stock up your cupboards for the winter. No pressure, just let me know if your interested. Thanks. The more the merrier!

Tuesday, September 7

Labor day weekend seems like the kick off for fall. All the sudden the air is a little crisp, sun is going down earlier and everyone including preschoolers are back in school.
Labor day weekend forces you to go and do something fun before it's too late! We did just that! We enjoyed activities all week long that took us outside to enjoy the scenery one last time. We went to the lake twice on Saturday and learned a little late in the year that maybe night skiing is the best chance you'll get for smooth water at Jordan Elle. By the time Monday rolled around is was time to get some things around the house and yard done.

We spent the afternoon pulling weeds and small trees from the concrete and backyard. We filled two garbage cans just three hours after bringing in from the street. It felt so good to be outside working so hard, I loved being able to look around after and be able to see what a difference your hard work made.

Most of all it made me so excited for the future when Sam and I will have a yard of our own and we can spend afternoons slaving away to reap the benefits later in the year. That day will come, someday when we know where PA school will take us. Until then I'm happy taking care of the yard that I do have. sorry I didn't get it done before I had the young women's over.

Saturday, September 4


We're headed to San Fransisco for fall break this year. I couldn't be more excited. It is one of my favorite cities that I have visited. The last time I went was with AP art history in 2005... it's been awhile. If you've been there or always wanted to go what was your favorite part of the trip. What must we experience during our stay. Or what should we make sure to avoid. Here's my list of things I've looked up so far, if you know any details please share!
  • Alcatraz: definitely can't miss it
  • science museum
  • the San Fransisco farmers market
  • golden gate bridge(ride or walk it)
  • Coit tower
  • De young museum
  • china town
  • union square
  • fisherman's wharf
  • Lombard street