Wednesday, August 19

the whirlwind in which we live

This post is much past due, as some of you will know.  But I feel like I need to share about all the things Sam and I have been doing that has kept us away from the computer and the blog.  Most importantly summer semester has ended, we had almost 2 full weeks of summer vacation and with only three days left we are trying to make the most of each free moment.  As my teaching time came to an end I took on a job to continue teaching through the fall.  I doubled my hours and am teaching stretch and strengthen and indoor cycling three times a week and core training two times.  I am really excited to continue to teach, it's a great part time job and release for me.  Sam has been organizing his life and course loads all the way to dental school.  He has decided to take smaller class loads and continue working meaning we will hopefully be leaving for dental school in 2012!! holy moly that sounds so far away.  I know it will go fast and it also gives me the opprotunity to continue on with school- right now I'm considering dietician or pta school.  Any suggestions of what I should do with my life after graduating in december?  
Anyways back to what we have been doing, well it's definitely wedding season!  We are way excited for our friends and family that have tied the knot recently, congrats to all of you!

We have been decorating and home improving.  These trays cost 6$ at the DI.  Carole aren't you proud of me, I went to the DI all by myself and came out with these treasures!!  My mom is actually using one of those as a serving tray at a party tonight!!
We have been reorganizing moving the stuff in the cupboards to the shelves and stuff from the shelves to the cupboard.  The change was fun and made the room feel totally different.  here's the before and....
after! We also re-arranged furniture thanks to my sister Lyndsay's approval, it looks great! Everything in our house seems to be a bit more functional which is much needed when it's so small.  
In case you didn't pick up on the previous post we also celebrated our first anniversary.  Much thanks to a family friend who generously gave us a one night stay to the grand america.  (Our room was bigger than our house....)We ate dinner at the melting pot and really enjoyed the experience.  Most of all we enjoyed taking a day off from work and school to hang-out, relax and work on our tans(which are non-existant). 
We have been trying to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible our favorite adventures are boating(after hebgen I can wakeboard officially! and am working on getting small air....really really small), biking both road and mountain, and tennis.  We have also been playing ticket to ride europe and america which we stole from both of our parents house(confession) and we made our first trip to the Salt Lake Library yesterday and loved it!, I am sure I will be going there more often.  

- Utah Football just 17 days!!!
- interning at the huntsman cancer institute
- eating at the market street counter
- finding out if baby peterson is a boy or girl
- getting my certification test out of the way, and hopefully passing
- Eric and Lindsay family coming
- Erin's birthday
- but mostly just football 

Sunday, August 2

This is the first time that i have made a blog entry. As you can tell i'm having trouble with the font sizing and such. But, amanda is sleeping right now and i took her great idea and got some pics from over the last 12 months and put them together and thought it would be fun to share our crazy adventures. Its been an incredible year and I've loved every second, even when she put me in a pink apron to cook on that one night out of the whole year. jk. So enjoy.