Friday, October 29


I thought this picture was funny, sorry the quality isn't the best. It's an ad for getting your flu shot. At the hospital we could opt-out of getting a shot but if we did we had to wear a mask for 3 months anytime we were with a patient. no thanks! so I got mine about a month ago. Man did my arm hurt, and I got sick right after, half of our office did.
Have you gotten one, are you going to?
What do you think about flu shots?

Thursday, October 28

Monday, October 25

today I laughed...

Sam and I got off work around the same time and he spoiled me with a ride(I usually take trax the two stops to our house). Earlier he sent me a text telling me he'd forgotten a lunch and was going to buy something... end of the month trying to stay in budget. So here's the conversation.

me: what'd you have for lunch?
S: a mayonaise, turkey, provolone, lettuce sandwich and I even got a salad instead of fries!
me: wow I'm so impressed
S: I knew you would be, I had lettuce, bacon bits, croutons, gold fish, ranch and peas!
me: ha ha that's not a salad that's a snack bag with a side of lettuce
S: it's still better than fries...

I don't know if anyone else will find that funny, but I sure did. I love my husband he makes me laugh. Later he explained that he couldn't get carrots because you pay by weight and carrots are much heavier than croutons which would have meant he spent more money.

Wednesday, October 20

I had no idea going out of town for more than a weekend would make me feel so happy! Today I was actually excited to go to work despite all the issues that have been happening there. I feel energized, refreshed and completely gun-hoe about life. I guess I'll be having to go out of town about every third week.
Our trip was fabulous. We spent 5 days on our own in San Francisco. We have been planning this trip since June, which gave us plenty of time to plan and save money so we could enjoy it to the fullest. And we did. Everything was wonderful, the weather, the shopping, the sights, the people, the food, the company and everything in between. Here are the highlights in photos.

walking ALOT................hiking in the redwoods

......breathtaking views.................famous alcatraz

ghirardelli............. riding the trolley

biking the bridge and more

The only downside was me getting sick. Originally we thought the altitude change was just effecting me, but after I used one kleenex box in less than 2 days we decided I was sick. What can I say, I feel like I left part of me there...

Tuesday, October 12

I love decorating your house for holidays it's a great way to keep things feeling new, fun and little different from everyday. I'm so grateful for all those bloggers who blog their ideas/crafts and how-tos.
I tried modge-podging craft pumpkins from the dollar store

and making a spider-web garland(thanks to my friend jill).

Saturday, October 9

love it

This week I loved the cool weather. I got out my clothe bins from under the bed and brought out my boots!
I will always love summer and be sad to see it go, but fall is wonderful. I love the crisp-ness in the air, the changing of the leaves, the rain, and the warmth of sun when it touches your skin. I love harvesting, and the plethora of fruits and veggies, so many cobblers and crisps. I love getting together with family and friends for football and gatherings. It brings us together to cheer and share a passion and joy. And I love dressing warm since I'm always cold, I love bundling up in my boots, sweaters and scarfs(even if I get teased). I love taking a hot bath and not feeling guilty since it's actually cold outside.

basically I just love fall.... seriously how can't you.

Monday, October 4

it's a good year to be a ute!

We love Utah football. When I started dating Sam his passion for Utah football was contagious and soon I became equally as obsessed and avid of a Utah fan. This year has been particularly fun as our team is proving that they are a strong and well rounded team. It's fun living so close to the stadium. Game days start the night before as tail-gaters come spend the night and spend the day eating and getting amped up for the game. I'm sure glad to live close enough that Sam doesn't make us camp out the night before. Here are some pictures of the homecoming 5K from last weekend. Sam ran the race without me(I'm still recovering from a knee injury, if anyone has any instant cures bring them my way!!). My bro-in-law is on the board that runs that race so him and his family were there too. Here are some pictures of my nieces who ran the 1K fun run and hung out with us early that morning.


Thought I'd share this funny video, I love what people come up with!