Sunday, December 14


The recent snow fall has really brought the Christmas spirit around our house.  I am so glad it didn't snow too much when we were trudging around campus.  
This morning we had the great opportunity to go to 'music and the spoken word' on temple square.  This week was extra special because once the broadcast was over there was a mini performance highlighting the program that was sold out all weekend.  The music, bells, orchestra, and dancers were all wonderful but my favorite part was the special guest.  Brian Stokes Mitchell was the guest singer this year and was absolutely awesome.  He sang the best songs, 'the friendliest beasts' was one of our favorite.  The Christmas music definitely got us excited for all of the upcoming festivities.  If you are looking for some good Christmas music or maybe even someone new to listen to he's worth checking out.  

Sunday, December 7

thank goodness for moments of fresh air

We have survived another week and are counting down the days until we are completely done with school all together.  Before I am finished I have 5 papers, a project, and 4 finals. . . . December 19th I will be a whole new woman!  Sam on the other hand has 4 finals, approaching rather quickly, and they are much harder than mine, who seriously takes general chemistry and organic chemistry back to back.  He's been working hard to get a jump start on studying to his back to back finals on December 15 and 16.  But this post wasn't supposed to be about finals.  It was supposed to be about everything but finals... 
So on Saturday morning, I was searching the internet for a particular game to give the families I nanny.  I was searching on Target online and it'll tell you what store whatever you want is available in.  It said it was available at Fort Union, I called to check and Sam told me to see if they had Wii Fits too.  And they actually did!  This is the one thing we really wanted to get, and hadn't been able to find.  We launched out of bed and got ready to make it to Target in about 40 minutes and secured our very own wii fit.  We are so excited to open it up on Christmas day, just in time to burn off all the holiday goodies.  But we are trying to forget that we bought one so unwrapping it will be a surprise.. please help by not talking about it.  thanks. 
After having such a successful shopping morning we decided to buy our very own Christmas tree.  We had a very few options of what kind of tree would actually fit in our tiny little living room.  We were searching for a tall and skinny tree and found one that is just perfect!.  

sam's so strong!!! 

So come on over and check out our fully decorated tree and hang out.... after Dec. 19th!