Monday, October 31

yet another birthday date.

I had planned a couple options for our October date. 
I tried to plan something that wasn't Halloweeny because October is always filled already
However our two options that I planned conflicted with the UofU football schedule 

BUT if you know anything about us at all then you know we(Sam) can't miss a game 
so I had to think on my toes and plan something new 

we headed to a pumpkin patch, 
I've always wanted to go and it turned out to be quite fun 
not to mention it's beautiful... I'm a country girl at heart 
I love rows of fields and crops and tractors.  

we found some pumpkins with character and later carved them 

Happy Halloween. 

Friday, October 28

daily rant

A couple months ago we were chilling with some friends
they were telling us how they just got their auto insurance lowered
they told us how much it was and it was like 40 bucks less than us

I'd been feeling like we have been paying too much for awhile
but this motivated some serious action
Sam called our agent and told him the scoop
the guy 'made some phone calls' and said that we were getting the best deal out there

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well a couple months later...
we were shopping for home insurance
our loan officer introduced us to an insurance broker
she helped us get home insurance for about 200 dollar/year less than through our other guy
so i had her shop around for auto insurance.

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drum rollll.....

our auto insurance will be cut in half
starting monday

yes that's over THREE THOUSAND dollars extra we've paid throughout our marriage
that's a really nice trip
or a baby(i've heard they cost about that much)
new bikes!
a lot of work on house
etc. etc. etc.

so if you think you are getting ripped off, you probably are
even if your guy says your not ask an outside source
then celebrate!

The pictures added are what I'm buying with my new saved money!(a girl can dream)

Tuesday, October 25


last week was a big week here around the office 
it made me a little embarrassed for any small complaint 
because some of my fellow coworkers were enduring much more 
and with much more class than i ever could.

If you are ever in need of reading an inspiring story click on 
kris and kecia 
blog on the left hand side 
earlier this year they began the process of adopting a down syndrome girl from ukraine
they already have one down syndrome girl of their own and felt inspired to adopt
by the way this is after kecia had miscarried 3 times!
so after spending a crazy amount of time and money they finally got their girl
watch the videos on the blog and you'll be balling
well shortly after they got home they found out they were pregnant 
with twins!
3 new kids in 1 year
they are thrilled but just went through a scare of almost losing the babies 
last week they had to fly to LA for a procedure to save the babies 
it worked, but kecia's on bed rest for the rest of her pregnancy 
it's truly inspiring to read their stories 

it's truly uplifting to read her stories 
i'm sure you know what i'm talking about 
it's great to read nie nie or rockstar diaries but reading someone who you rub shoulders with 
it changes it drastically.  
it makes you want to become better 
appreciate more 
and give.

Monday, October 24


sam asked me; aren't you worried people think your pregnant since you have a baby board on pinterest?
nope I'm not nervous because nursery's and anything baby for that matter can be some of the cutest things  to check out.  It's going to be challenging decorating a nursery some day so many different directions you can go. here are some of my favorite pinterest nurseries/ baby items. 

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i love everything about this nursery, the colors, the feeling, the warmth, the bold rug

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such a cute and affordable wall statement


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Source: None via amandajayne on Pinterest

Source: None via amandajayne on Pinterest

Thursday, October 20

getting ready for the cold

the one bonus to cold weather is wearing cold weather clothes
i love boots, sweaters, coats, scarfs, hoodies etc.

doesn't that hoodie look devine?

love love love boot socks

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yes please.

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loving trousers and belts

Wednesday, October 19


pretty soon we are going to need to invest in some rugs for hardwood floors
I've never had to purchase a rug
it's total pressure because it can make or break a room
do you have rugs?
where'd you find them

Tuesday, October 18


my friend just found out she's having a boy today
which made me think of these

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how fun.

Monday, October 17

latest loving

been loving white kitchens lately. especially paired with dark mocha flooring
if i could pick i'd have mocha cork tile, white cabinets and some dark contrasting counter


the highlight of our weekend was a long bike ride
sam surprised me the other day with a new bike!
i sold my mountain bike and immediately missed not having the option to bike
he took the initiative and picked me out an awesome
(and incredibly good looking commuter bike)
we rode all around town on saturday
loved the weather, the company and energy involved!!

Wednesday, October 5

screaming it from the rooftop

Last night I discovered something fantastic 
(if you are reading this thinking, she just discovered that... shame on you for not telling me!)
Pretty much I love to cook 
Chicken is in a lot of great dishes but I really don't like boiled chicken, 
what a pain, boil for 20 minutes, wait to cool, then cube the whole thing and I still don't like the flavor
well who would have known that you can just put whole warm chicken breasts in your kitchen aid
after about 2 minutes on low you have perfectly shredded chicken 
and it tastes so much better since it's shredded. 

thank you to pinterest for teaching me this and so many other great ideas!