Wednesday, July 20

why wednesday?

I love Wednesday! 
First and foremost, wednesday=hump day
we're almost through with the week
16 hours left of the work week for me
also have you heard of 'travel zoo'
you're missing out if you haven't checked it. 
every wednesday they post the new top 20 list 
since we're hoping to go cruising with some friends in the winter i love checking for deals 
even if i'm not planning a trip i love checking the deals... 
dreaming is totally healthy
also on wednesday 
a new week of coupons are added
i love checking it to start planning my meals around the 'five star' items 
and it also gives me plenty of time to cut the coupons for my saturday shopping trip
Also all my favorite shows are up on hulu by Wednesday
makes those 16 hours at work go a little quicker

current addiction
you gotta check it out if you love cooking or eating

Last YW/YM on wednesday 
YW/YM is one of the biggest stressors of my week 
once we get through the weekly activity we're set to relax until Sunday. 

Thursday, July 14


last month sam had a birthday 
we enjoyed parties with family and friends
lots of yummy food and cake
i had been planning his present for months and was so anxious to give it to him
i'm horrible at keeping secrets from him but was so glad i did

i gave sam a date box
what's a date box? you say 
well i planned 12 dates, 1 for every month of the upcoming year
i pre-planned and pre-paid for each date
every date is something we've never done before
at the beginning of the month sam opens up that months envelope 
it tells us what we are doing, and all the details 

yesterday was our first birthday date
it was documented on the iphone
we headed to deer valley for a beautiful and fun outside concert 
we loved every minute of it 
we enjoyed great people watching, yummy food including 
tomato, basil, mozzarella sandwich, turkey with fig chutney sandwiches 
and the fresh air along with the beautiful sky!

 can't wait for next months birthday date

Thursday, July 7


one of my favorite things about working at the hospital was the friendliness of people
in general everyone was very friendly, especially the staff to one another
whenever you passed someone you always smiled and said hi

stairwell's were no big deal you just talked to each other
'how's your day going'
'don't you love the weather..'
stuff like that
no big deal to talk to strangers, i loved it
once i quit i noticed how unfriendly the rest of the world is
so i go to great effort to be friendly where i am

mr. r. enjoys the entertainment when we go running together
...i like to say hi to everyone we pass, people rarely reciprocate, i don't get it
mr. r thinks that i yell at people and that's why they don't say it back

i really see this at the post office every morning
yesterday i waited for this chick to exit by holding the door
no thank you or any acknowledgement
hhhheeeelllllloooo, i was just nice to you, be nice back
grugh, that sure made me day start sour
i'm on a rant but really do believe what i'm saying
come one, can't we all be a bit friendlier.
so hello to the next stranger you pass and see how they respond

i double dare ya.

Tuesday, July 5


we've been mia lately
we enjoyed a wonderful week away at the cabin at hebgen lake
as we drove out of town i realized we completely forgot to pack a camera
who does that?
guess i should keep our smaller camera tucked away permanently in my purse
it' big enough that's for sure
every year i seem to enjoy our hebgen trip more and more
of course i loved all of the 'normal' things we do
boating, skiing, wakeboarding, playmill, yellowstone(we saw a bear!), and being with family
but this year i loved feeling so detached from the world
crappy cell phone service, no internet, and not many other people around
one day mr. r and i were alone at the dock for about 2 hours
not one person in sight, just the bald eagles soaring over head

let's just say it was a bit of a rude awakening heading back to work today.
ahhh summer how i love you.