Friday, June 19


After the Richard's got there boat out of storage, Sam started doing drive-by's just to see his precious boat.  After weeks of chilly weather and rain he set a date to take the boat out and wasn't going to let anything stop him.  Sure enough Saturday morning, 7 AM he hopped out of bed and got the boat ready.  By 8:15 we were heading up the canyon with some friends for the first day out on the lake.  We really lucked out, although the air temperature was cold, and the water temperature was cold the sun was out and stayed out for our entire adventure.  We had a great time with our friends and are really excited for many more adventures out on the boat this summer.  Thanks Richard's for letting us take it out for the first time!!

Sam out for his first ski of the season!

Clint showing up Sam

Brian sporting the double skies

Me crossing the wake(which looks a lot bigger when you are behind the boat). 
Notice my new life jacket!

Amber attacking the wake!