Saturday, January 31

We are making it!

Sam and I celebrated six months of being married this weekend!. Can you believe it, on Sunday February 1st, we have been married six months!.  Time sure has flown by, we still feel like we just got married last month.  We celebrated Friday night at Macaroni Grill, because after we were sealed in August we went to lunch at Macaroni Grill while everyone else prepared for the reception.  It was just enjoyable this time as it was last, we splurged and got drinks, something we haven't been doing lately, I got an Italian Soda and Sam got a peach lemonade.  Then later that night we talked about everything we remember feeling the last days before getting married.  Sam experienced pure excitement, while I was anxious, nervous and a little bit of a wreck!  Funny how different boys and girls are.  
Anyways we have learned a lot while being married, but we have mostly been enjoying being together so much and having someone to depend on and count on.  We find ourselves at home a lot on the weekends because it's rare to both be home during the week with nothing to do.  When we stay home on the weekend we play the Wii together trying to beat each others high scores.  Right now Sam has the high score in shooting and I have the high score in ping pong, and Sam will always be better than me in Mario Kart.  We also spend lots of time in the kitchen and I am sure learning a lot about cooking.   Some of our favorite meals are, crab cakes, roast beef sandwiches, caramelized pork chops, and pecan glazed salmon.  Sam has really branched out with my cooking and is such a great sport!.  Since we met we have adopted some of each others hobbies and interests.  Sam introduced me to snow shoeing and we really like getting out doors in the middle of winter and hiking around in our snow shoes.  He also got me hooked on boating, even though he is a skier I really like wake boarding, and we are both really excited for the warm weather.  We also love spending night outside on the tennis court.  
I thought I would post some wedding pictures, since most of you haven't seen them.  Enjoy! and thanks for all the love and support throughout our engagement and these past 6 months, we love you!

Sunday, January 18


So much has happened since my last post, end of school, Christmas, New Years, Sugar Bowl, Winter break, and now school restarting.  Obviously I can't tell every detail of all these events but I want to share the highlights and some of the pictures.  

Sam and I both survived the end of school and can't believe that it has started again.  This semester Sam is taking a lighter load and investigating the business world by taking Fundamentals of Business, which he is surprisingly interested in already.  (he's already going to the library to do the readings, on the first week of school!).   I am taking multiple ESS classes, one of which I get to practice my group fitness leadership skills and have to teach a fitness class.  Hopefully I have a little bit of my mom in me, and will be able to shake it as good as she did back in the day. 

This year we were a little concerned that Santa Claus wouldn't visit us.  We had a couple things working against us.  Neither one of us have changed our addresses on our drivers licenses, how would Santa find us?.  Also our landlords have bricked our fireplace off, how would Santa get in? So we were pleasantly surprised to wake up and find that Santa did remember us and found us.  We were also pleasantly surprised that Sam survived all of the Christmas season without throwing up!.  
We enjoyed spending the Christmas time at many family parties.  We are also very excited for Anna, Sam's sister who got engaged to Dave Peterson (not my dad, but I am very jealous that she gets to take on Peterson for her last name) on Christmas day, what a great present! 

The day after New Years Eve we flew out to N'Orleans with most of my family for the SUGAR BOWL.  Boy does Sugar taste sweet.  Of course our favorite memory from the trip will be the sweet show put on my our Utes, but there were a few other highlights.  

For those of you who haven't had the opportunity of attending a Utah sporting event with my mom you are missing out! I was sitting behind her and tried to capture her enthusiasm. 

We also enjoyed the weather in the 70's walking around the French Quarters.  

We had a very fun and busy Christmas break, we topped it off by both getting sick for the last week and stayed home from work in bed!.  Now we are feeling better and excited for the upcoming semester, birthdays, and winter activities.