Sunday, May 20

boy, girl or frog

I've loved the last week of being able to do more
my body is screaming in pain most days but it's worth it
we've been busy, cooking, cleaning, dejunking, gardening, assembling and shopping
can't wait to bring this baby home!

last night I dreamt we were having a boy
All along I've thought we were having a boy, seems like everyone having babies right now are having boys and I just had that 'motherly gut instinct'

earlier this week I dreamt that I delivered a frog
yes a frog!
it was hard to fall asleep after that, I hope I haven't been growing a frog for 9 months

Sam a few weeks ago dreamt it was a baby girl
I also had a dream it was a girl probably right before I went into pre term labor

No matter what as long as there's a baby we will love them regardless

What do you think, boy, girl, frog??
16 days until the due date

Thursday, May 10

bedrest bliss

First of all, to all of you that have been on bedrest I will forever admire you
I feel super fortunate that my bedrest only lasted 3 weeks
I've heard stories of people being on bedrest for 7 months!!
oh my gosh.

Everyone asks me 'what do you do all day?',
or says, 'I bet you are so miserable'

I would be lying if I pretended that it wasn't hard
or that I didn't have many melt downs and tears but
I would feel terrible if I didn't step back and notice how much everyone did for me

What did I do all day?
The days flew by with so many visitors, seriously I've never felt so loved
Random people from my new ward showed up at my house for hours
they brought me, fresh lavendar which smelled wonderful! earrings, nail polish, desserts
and most importantly good conversation
Old friends stopped by for visits
one friend glittered my toe nails in my front room!
my sisters called and stopped by regularly.
my nieces put on a circus in our back room
and people in between emailed me suggestions of movies or books
dropped by magazines, and would ask Sam what more they could do etc.

When I wasn't busy entertaining all my friends... :)
I spend hours in a lounge chair out in the sun playing friends on the ipad.
I never knew I would love scramble and draw something so much
Strangers, brother in laws, new/old friends kept me entertained for hours
Ticket to ride app was fantastic
I watched old classic movies, downton abby, caught up on a lot of shows
read a lot from my pregnancy and baby books

Of course it drove me crazy to sit and not be able to do anything
I desperately wanted to get up and do something!
But I knew that if I did and went into labor because of it I'd forever be mad at myself
so it was worth it!
We are officially into the no worries zone
the baby is fully developed and ready to go, no NICU!(hope I don't jinx myself)
but of course we want our little one nice and plump so the longer in the better

Now I'm on "limited activity bedrest" until 38 weeks... maybe 37.5 ;)
which means I can get up and move around but supposed to do the bare minimum
It's still challenging but
It feels fantastic to do a little more each day!

This post isn't intended to be like, "i'm so cool and have so many friends",
or to make someone feel bad for not coming by...
I was well taken care of so if you didn't come over don't worry!
Your prayers and thoughts our way was plenty!
I feel so incredibly humbled by this experience
I feel forever indebted to everyone who helped us through a few really hard weeks
I also know that Heavenly Father knows our limits and he will always prepare a way.
Each person, phone call, text message, email, prayer, kind thought, conversation with Sam etc
was exactly what I needed and you were acting as a little angel in my life.

Monday, May 7

proud moment

Sam graduated this weekend
he was all smiles, ear to ear
it was such a special moment for our family
I was so happy to be given permission from my doctor to attend the graduation

Sam has been working so hard, especially the last couple years.
he's had to struggle to figure out how to learn material, he's had to study a little harder than the guy next door to earn the same score, he's had to take a little longer on his assignment get it ready, he's had to retake some classes, but he did it.  he sacrificed long hours and missed out of activities to make it.  I'm so proud of him for preserving and making it happen.

while sitting at graduation last night I was thinking how lucky I am to come from a family and marry into a family that values education so much.  Education provides so many opportunities and experiences.  It provides security and jobs.  For me and Sam going to college wasn't an option it was the standard.  It was the natural thing that you did after highschool.  I'm so grateful to of had a family that financially supported me in college allowing me to continue my education without having to go into debt.  What a huge blessing to be able to not be limited.  Hopefully we will be able to do the same for our kids one day.
congrats sam!