Wednesday, January 18


sam is a man full of surprises. 
it seems like he always has something up his sleeve

he surprised me with a wedding band on our anniversary 
(I honestly told him I didn't want another one)
he surprises me often with romantic dates 
candlelight dinners
cleaning the house head to toe 
hot tubs waiting for me after i've gone to the gym
weekend getaways to park city area 

I must admit a lot of the time i prompt such surprises 
with not so subtle hints

yesterday I had a  surprise after work
before i could walk from the garage to the house sam was pushing me back into the car
he forced me to eat a snack because he knows i was hungry 
and whisked me away 

he planned a couples massage to celebrate hitting 20 weeks 
half way yahoo 

it felt wonderful
thanks to sam for preparing me for a surprise of a lifetime 
waiting until birth to know the gender of this little one. 

Thursday, January 12

debut pregnancy picture

technically i'm 19 weeks and 2 days... can't wait to hit half way!
but at 18 weeks our baby was the size of a mango
we walked past them at the grocery store and snapped a picture
to celebrate the babies size we bought some mango sorbet
it was delicious

even though we aren't finding out the gender of this little one 
we are so excited for the ultrasound next week
I am just so excited to see this little person forming 
and also, hopefully know that it's developing healthy
not to mention eliminate any possibility of twins!

while our baby has already been spoiled by family 
i finally caved and bought my first item for the baby 
i bought the cutest little emu boots for next winter 
it'll only be 6 months old and i definitely want all 10 toes nice and warm

Wednesday, January 11

the basement

it was a big weekend at our house
our renters move in
and we are thrilled to be done with the basement remodel!
even though the basement took a lot of resources
money, time, energy, hard labor(especially sam)
we are so happy with the end product
and happy to have someone living in it paying us the mula!

here are a couple pictures we snapped right before they moved their stuff in
 before, front room
 before front room
 after: the walls look much whiter in this picture, they are more cream/beige

I wish I had a picture of the kitchen on this camera but here it is after 
the hickory cabinets add a lot of personality to the place
and we love the flooring, especially because it hides any dust.

Thursday, January 5


these last four months being pregnant have sure messed up my exercise routine
i'm interested in trying some pregnancy yoga or pilates
before going and buying a bunch of videos I was wondering if there are any recommended
so if you have tried one let me know if you liked it or recommend it.

Monday, January 2

the year in review

One of my 2011 goals was to blog more frequently
It was a poorly written goal because I never defined 'more frequently' 
but considering I almost doubled the amount of post from 2010 in 2011 I feel satisfied
and there's always room for improvement. ;)

I'm so glad I did blog more, yesterday we reviewed some of the post 
it was a great way to remember some events that may have been forgotten or overlooked. 

job change... 
lots of valentine crafts and neighbor presents(since I missed christmas)
celebrated my birthday all week long, never felt so loved
last day at cardiac rehab- going away party
purchasing our tickets across the world for the trip of my dreams to europe, let the planning begin
enduring my first tax season 
sam getting pretty much all straight a's all year long 
taking our first post tax season trip to the homestead
planned the surprise birthday party for sam's dad, and completed his goal of running the 5k with the family
ran in the dirty dash, cleaned dirt out of our ears for a week
traveled to europe, ate crepes, maguums and lots of great food inbetween seeing all the sights and soaking in as much as we could
raised money in the MS walk
convinced my work i needed an iphone 
gave sam an awesome birthday date package, and have been enjoying monthly preplanned dates
celebrated our third anniversary
did my first zipline and loved it 
went to hebgen
ventured to nebraska
dressed up for halloween... and even got a picture to prove it
purchased our first home
announced this baby to family and friends at 14.5 weeks 
gutted and finished a basement 
moved right before christmas 
ended the year with one last trip to the cabin in woodland(where we rang in the new year last year) 
and celebrated 2012 at 8PM with all the nieces and nephews

I feel so blessed to have had such a great year.  
I have very few memories that I wish to forget(if any) 
and amidst all the turmoil and trials going on in the world right now I am fortunate 

I am looking forward to so many huge changes in our life in 2012! 
Happy new year.