Sunday, January 31


This past Wednesday my Young Women's group had a special guest come and talk with us. The man was about 60 years old and was born deaf with tunnel vision. He later went completely blind at age 40. He is now married and his wife translates everything for him. When we communicated with him we would do sign language in his hand and then his wife would tell us what he said back.

He was an inspirational man. He has been given some hard circumstances to live under and has made it work and found joy. Listening to his experiences and life made me so grateful for the simple things in life. I am so grateful to be healthy and have a body that functions and works normal. Aren't you?

a much needed update

Happy 2010!
So far this year has been a year of change for us. As you all know I was hired as an exercise specialist at the UofU hospital. I immediately felt the effects of been a working woman when I went to work on January 4th and Sam had another week of winter vacation.

We enjoyed our winter break by having a few snow days. We made a snow man in our front yard, out of the three snowman on our street he lasted the longest and the remains of him, branches, smashed carrots and all are still out front. We especially enjoyed going snow shoeing and wandering around high in the mountains. It's always nice to get a breath of fresh air. Sam and I both have new snow shoes that hadn't been used before, it was good to break them in.

We also spent a few too many hours playing super mario wii. It's such a fun game! We had a few mornings where we wouldn't get out of bed we would just turn the wii on and play for a few hours. Talk about a waste of time I know! But I would die for a day like that now after four weeks of reality.

We also watched a season of 24. And I think I've watched too much 24 because. . . The other day I was riding Trax home from the hospital. A police officer got on the train and I automatically thought that there must be a terrorist of the train and I should get off. The train left too soon for me to exit and turns out the police officer was just checking tickets. Whoops I left mine at home, luckily he gave me a break considering I had both a student ID and work ID.

Now that I don't have homework and Sam does I have much more free time than before. What am I going to do with it?!? Well the list goes on and on. I have so many things I want to spend my time on the trick is finding the energy to do them all.