Wednesday, February 24

A change in plans

Ever since I met Sam his plan for the future was to become an orthodontist. He had a great experience with his orthodontist, which I'm still trying to figure out how it was so great he had braces twice! But nonetheless that was "the plan"

Well whenever we talked about the road to dental school and beyond it never felt quite right. It felt more and more uneasy lately as the University of Utah contemplated starting a dental school. There were lots of conversations with those around us about debt, starting your own business, insecurity of a job once school is completed, and the long road of school.
Throughout all of these conversations it just never felt right.

New options were explored but Sam just never felt like he really new the full extent of his options. He knew that he didn't like the idea of business, accounting, marketing, lawyer etc. SO he felt a little stuck not knowing where to look for a future career. You know how we automatically resort to the big name careers, lawyer, doctor, dentist etc. Well big thanks to my Erik and Lyndsay who talked with us about some of the options they wished they had considered prior to jumping into medical school. We explored these options and Sam decided to switch tracks slightly and aim for PA school. I say switch tracks slightly because most of the requirements for PA school are similar to those of dentistry. The biggest difference is the patient to patient interaction prior to PA school.

PA=physciain assistant. They are everywhere typically you specialize just like a doctor and can do just about anything, ER, family practice, Cardiology, oncology, orthopedics etc etc. They are high in demand and the demand is growing. We are really excited to switch paths and finally feel good about the path that we are on. So watch out cause Sam is on the lose and now starting to work a few hours a week as a health screener to start on his hours, he's also considering HCA and phlebotimist. If you have any other suggestions we'd love your insight!

So sorry to all the family and friends that were planning on getting a good deal for all their dental problems, we'll be paying full price like the rest of you!

Thursday, February 11

birthday-part 2

Sorry to not share the rest of the story. At this point there are really only two possible endings. End 1 Sam and I are pregnant and so we can now justify having such a fine car, slightly bigger, better fit for squeezing a car seat in, fits the stroller in the back and looks like a mom car. Or end 2 Sam is the best husband in the world putting us 14,000$ into debt on my birthday. Which is it you ask?

Neither, Sam is a big tease, he went to the Ken Garff dealership and told the guy he was thinking about buying me this car for birthday and asked if he could bring it home to show me. They let him drive it off the lot and it was his for a hour. I sat in that gorgeous BMW and realized that although it had one of the best sun roofs(it was really big and extended over the passengers row) it didn't have heated seats. How could you spend so much money on something it wasn't absolutely your dream! Lucky Sam cause I didn't want that car, I wanted a nicer one! :)

Needless to say I had a great birthday weekend. Everyone in our families went to great lengths to make me feel special and loved. It was full of great meals! great desserts and great people(cheesy I know). My favorite presents were my new running shoes and anthropologie clutch. Thanks to all of you who made me feel so special all weekend long. I love you all!!

Sunday, February 7


It was my birthday yesterday. To celebrate Sam took me out for a birthday date on Friday. He was acting so funny all day and said that he wouldn't be home when I got home from work, so to just get ready and he'd pick me up. When I got home all the lights were out, and I was so nervous he had planned a surprise party. I cautiously opened the door and was relieved when the house was empty. He left a note with a couple presents. The note said something like, "enjoy these presents while I'm away, I had to go get your 'big' present. " About 35 minutes later Sam showed up at the door with a big present! He told me to come outside, I was in the middle of getting ready so I threw on a jacket and my slippers and was literally speechless to see this gorgeous BMW x3!

We have been talking about how much I love this car for awhile, how it'll be the perfect car when we have kids, enough room for the kids and groceries in back, but I never expected it so soon. What a surprise!!

. . . well there is more to the story but I can't finish it now, we have one more birthday party.
to be continued...