Saturday, April 11


Have you ever tried to ride an exercise bike for a hour straight?  Was it easy for you? What about at 6:30 in the morning?  Did you have to shout out motivation cues and encourage others riding by you?  I just found out that for the Summer I will be a cycling teacher at the U.  My class is Tuesday and Thursday's at 6:30 in the morning.  Today I thought I'd go to the gym and ride to start preparing.  HOLY MOLY it's tough stuff.  It's going to be quite a challenge riding for that long, instructing, motivating all before the sun comes up.  
Needless to say I am really excited for this opportunity it's definitely something new and it'll be fun to conquer(hopefully).  But I can use all of your help!  I need awesome music.  Which we all know I don't have, so pass your favorite work out music, cleaning music, dancing music, happy day music along to me! Thanks, wish me luck.