Tuesday, December 13


this is week is the big week
we are moving.
i'm so excited to finally get to enjoy this house that we have been paying for 
and slaving over

it's been such a blast working on projects with sam the last couple weeks 
we spent this last weekend painting until about 130 AM
naturally we were both a little loopy and slap happy, everything we said was hilarious
it's so rewarding to see things come together

but i've never really moved before 
so send your tips and pointers my way as we get prepared 

Monday, December 5

over the weekend

over the weekend we shared these with our families

Thursday, December 1

let it all begin

tis the season for traditions, parties and events galore
we can't wait to spend the night at home tonight
 after a week of Christmas events every night

my family has been doing a tree for the festival of trees for the past 8-10 years
it's turned into a family affair

our theme this year was on giving 
everything was centered around things you'd give as neighbor gifts

after months of working and crafting we were proud of our tree

all my sisters went on bid night together and were so pleased our tree had more than one bid
when bidding was about to end we had two crowds wanting our tree 
bidding war
we were thrilled to have earned money for the primary children's hospital
and thrilled that our tree turned out so great