Friday, September 30

sam's september date

planning an entire year of dates has it's challenges 
especially this month 
i had planned for us to head up to snowbird for stargazing 
which only happens 2 a month
the first one was on Wednesday- no way we can go because of YM/YW
and the second one fell on a night that we had a lot already going on
but it was totally worth it!!

if you ever have the opportunity to check this out do it!
it's twice a month where you have a stargazing class 
and then once it's dark you head up on the tram to the top of the mountain

the tram ride was pretty much a roller coaster ride in the dark 
once at the top there are 5 awesome telescopes and astrologists 
they had these huge star wars lasers that were so powerful it would point at the constellations perfectly

even though it was a little cold it was an amazing view and worth every goose bump
I tried to be a good date and leave my phone in our car 
didn't think twice that we'd want to take a couple pictures. 

this birthday present has been a blast. 
I have some really fun dates coming up and I love having one awesome adventure a month

happy friday!!

Thursday, September 22

Tis the Season

We've been celebrating a lot of birthday's these last few weeks
Grandpa Peterson turned 95!
we had a big family BBQ to celebrate
we tied 95 balloons to homemade stakes and stuck them into the front lawn
about 3 minutes later the pressure in the air changed and all the balloons popped
we didn't even have enough time to take a picture

Next we celebrated Grandpa Richards 85 birthday
we had an even bigger family party since the Richards are about 3 times the size of my family

last we celebrated my mom's birthday 
it's not very often that she's in town for her birthday so we had to spoil 
we had a family dinner that she wasn't allowed to bring one thing 
all the family got together and zachary gave her a great card(day after the UvsY game)
it said;
U are the best Nona
Y are you getting so old

There are still more to come so HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND LOVE TO ALL.

Thursday, September 15

losing my mind?

This morning when I knelt down to say a morning prayer
the first thing that came to my mind was

haynie and company....
(for those of you who don't know, that's the name of the office I work at)

guess I've been working too much. :)

Tuesday, September 13

almost halfway through september

You blink your eye once and an entire month has passed.
My dad was the bearer of bad news when he announced he'd be closing the pool after labor day
summer's over
and now i'm longing more than ever to jump in the pool
wear my white jeans and trouser pants(I still will, I don't follow fashion rules)
and spend an afternoon on the lake

I feel like now we are scrabbling to fit everything in for the last time before fall truly comes
we hiked mt. olympus with my nephews the other day
we are still planning boating outings with family and friends
planning tennis into the cool evenings
walking to get a frozen yogurt
and riding our bikes
going up the canyon for fires and desserts

however luckily fall brings plenty of things to look forward to
wearing my boots
that new leather jacket from the nordstrom sale
putting up fall decorations
eating soups and stews
and cozying up to the fire
changing of the leaves

**everyday I think how eternally lucky and grateful I am to live where I do and to enjoy what I see, hear and experience.  This world is such a beautiful place and we are trying all we can to enjoy every part of it