Wednesday, October 17

to the cabin

it's a family tradition to head to the cabin in woodland for conference weekend 
usually we are running up in between sessions on Saturday and then hurrying down on Sunday
this year was so nice, we went up Friday afternoon and stayed until after dinner Sunday
no rushing involved!
.... I love not working full time.
this was Mack's first time at the cabin
it was beautiful up there
even though it was a bit chilly
it was such a nice weekend away, thanks for having us 

playing go fish with the cousins.... we missed abby, sarah, eliza, annie, calvin and peter!

swinging with grandpa

provo river

tummy time by the fire

checking out the fire

snuggling with amy

just being cute

chilling on my couch outside

1 comment: said...

What a great weekend!! We loved being with you