Thursday, January 10

what works best?

I've been trying to decide what to do with this blog, I know that this blog is a good link to our current blog, should I update on here when I've posted something new on the new blog?  Should I make this one private?  Who reads? who cares?  Share an opinion if you have one.  

... I updated the new blog today too.  


Anna Peterson said...

I say just leave this one up with a link to your new one, and then just post on your new one. People who read will find it. So happy you're still doing your blog :)

Hebdon Family said...

Instead of starting a new blog, I am considering making my old posts into a book. Sort of like a family scrapbook. I still want to have a record to remember everything that I've posted on but I just don't have the space to keep posting. I'm in the same boat as you though, just not sure what I want to do!

si tu veux said...

If you have another email address you can make that email an author to your blog and keep posting pictures. Than you are not trying to keep up on both.

Or...this is Chapter One...and your new blog is Chapter two. Just have your last post here direct to your new blog. People who read you get use to going to your new Chapter!!!

And the book (as suggested by Hebdon) is a great idea. You can print your blog in a hardbound version. Just have to be aware of posts with videos. Some editing before you publish is a good idea.

I love your blog posts. I read them but not as often as I want to. It is always fun to catch up. We miss you in the 33rd!

Jane Durham said...

I love seeing this one updated just because it updates on my blogger so I know when there's something new, but of course, that's just more work!